The story of this collection originated at a party, where I was called a fag multiple times. This revealed an anger inside of me. Anger, and indignation, because it still isn’t accepted - let alone stimulated - for people to just be who they are.

So many people get called freak, weirdo, fag, dyke, nerd, loser, …, ugly, stupid, fat, loud, … for just being different. They are treated like monsters. This fascinated me: being a monster for being different. I asked the question in which ways people can be different, I researched all different kinds of monsters.

With this collection I wanted to take all kinds of negativity and prejudices and turn them into something positive and good. I wanted to fully discover and develop my own personal style and aesthetic. I wanted to create my own kind of monster.

The collection became a patchwork of colors and textures, playing with the idea of monstrous skins and furs. It is a collection of 15 silhouettes. Every silhouet is made of a different color. This way they form a group of rainbow-warriors, but they are still individuals, different from all the other ones in the group.

I wanted the collection to be something fresh and young and vibrant and very positive. My kind of monster is colorful and fluffy, and tough and strong, and confident to stand and say "this is me!".



This is not actually a collection. This is the result of a project in which I took all of my work and remixed everything.

It was a styling exercise for myself. It was fun to take every piece out of it’s context and do something totally different with it.

A pink O’clock shadow


At the base of this collection are the Hopi-indians from Arizona, USA. To them, 'hopi' literally means 'the good people'. The question I asked was "what is good?". I went on and applied this question to our western society: In what way is our woman 'good', and especially, in what way is she not? Not good, not beautiful, not the way she is supposed to be. Shape-wise I used visuals both from the Hopi culture and from a varied range of women, from the perfect fifties housewife to a plus-sized pornstar.

I explored clichés and stereotypes surrounding women. The collection is an entirely pink one. Pink is so strongly linked with kitsch and princesses, most often in a negative way. I wanted to turn this negativity into something positive and confident and strong.

I wanted to show that some things people might call ugly, wrong and kitsch at first, also have the potential for beauty and power inside them.

Fly, mr. Darling!


This collection is built on the story of Peter Pan, the child that won’t grow up. I linked this idea to the stereotype of the bitter, boring and unhappy businessman who longs to return to his childhood. A childhood which was filled with freedom and joy, a time in which the man was unprejudiced.

I started from the man’s traditional business suit and mixed this with color, graphic lines and fairytale-images. I explored oversizing and undersizing and typical elements of children’s clothing.

With my first collection I aimed to react to what I found boring in everyday men’s apparel. I started from the man’s comfort zone, his suit, and worked towards a collection which confronts that man with a different kind of men’s fashion, on that is colorful and fun and cute and feminine.