No stopping anytime

I am Lucas Straetmans. I was born in 1990 and I currently reside in Ghent, Belgium. I am a fashion designer looking for my way in the world.

In september I graduated as a master in fashion design, with great distinction, at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. In June of 2013 I presented my masters collection Maverick. With this collection I won the FFI/MOVEX-award.

I have completed two internships. The first with A.F. Vandevorst in Antwerp, the second with J.W. Anderson in London.

I am currently looking for a job in fashion design or development. Either locally or abroad. In the meantime, I am continuing to develop my own work and looking for a way to bring this into the market.

As a designer, I like to believe in potential. Potential for good, potential for beauty. I think there is something of this in everything. Even those things we might at first call ugly or weird or kitsch or wrong. I am very much fascinated by these kinds of stereotypes and prejudices.

For example the devision between men and women. I like to believe in the individual, transcending this devision. Gender should be perceived as a spectrum, not as two sets of opposing ideals, standards and rules.

These are elements I like to play with. I like to take the negativity surrounding something and turn it into something positive.

I am intrigued by the sociological battlefield that is put up when people interact. My field is that of fashion because of the role it can play in the interaction. I would like my work to react to behavior prescribed by society.